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Denis Eugène Robert

The multi-disciplinary artist Denis Eugène Robert divides his time between Paris and Montréal.

In 1971, his first venture as a designer brought him great success with the creation of 2 x 3, the first gallery-boutique exclusively dedicated to design objects in Montréal.

In 1973, he met Canadian architect Ernest Cormier in his prestigious Art Deco house, which he saved by having it classified as a historical monument, then proceeded with its restoration.

A few years later, the house will become the residence of the former Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

In a different field, he created and produced two documentaries on Ancient Egypt, including one on the pre-dynastic period: "L'Égypte des Origines", presented at the Collège de France in 2010.

He moves to Paris in 2007.

His photographic work caught the eye of gallerist Olivier Bourdon, who offered him his first solo exhibition at the Galerie de l'Europe, rue de Seine. The "Sublime Décadence" exhibition marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with this gallery. Six other solo exhibitions will follow.

The recognition achieved by these Paris exhibitions brought Denis Eugène Robert to create a digital gallery TRAGART for a greater diffusion of his work.

TRAGART offers architects, designers and interior decorators as well as collectors, the possibility to integrate large format fine art photographs in limited editions, in public and private spaces.




Palindrome or mirror word, the name TRAGART can be read from left to right and from right to left.

The name was chosen as a power word composed of 3 parts.

TRA  like transfer, transport, travel, suggests movement.

  G     like go, good, great, acts as a central axis.

ART  like artwork, artefact, artist, embodies the quintessence and power of the name.

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